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Friday, 22 July 2011

Top Five Most Addictive Must Have Games For Your Android OS Devices!! And The Best Part Is,There All Free!!

          If you are a big gamer or just love playing games on your Android OS devices, here are the Top Five Most Addictive and Must Have Games for your profound Android OS devices!! These games will have you playing them over and over, trying to beat your previous high scores and to unlock other levels that may seem beyond your reach!!
  1. Air Control Lite is truly an amazing game that allows you to land planes and helicopters on their respective run-ways. The objective of the game is to land all the aircraft's safely without allowing them to crash into each other, otherwise you lose!! The more aircraft's you land safely the higher you would be ranked; you can be ranked from a mediocre Private all the way up to an Intermediate Air Traffic Controller!! The game also has a "cargo mode" (later renamed "puzzle mode") where you have to schedule the planes that matches either plane type, or cargo type, or colour  in a sequence!!
★ Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode
★ Online highscores
★ Countless hours of addictive gameplay

Air Control Lite Screenshots!!

      This app is available in the android market, just simply search Air Control Lite or visit the following link :

     2.  Air Attack is a rapid paced game where you are a lone fighter against several warcraft airplanes and helicopters!! The object of the game is to destroy as many enemy warcraft airplanes and helicopters as possible, before you are eliminated. There are a few boosts or accessories to help you out such as prisoner exchanges for extra life, armour piercing rockets, multi-jump boots, additional rockets,emp-explosions and many more to keep you playing for hours upon hours!!

★ 3 different game modes
★ Infinite islands to play on
★ Destructible terrain
★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers
★ Power ups
★ Nuclear bombs

Air Attack Screenshots!!

        This app is available in the android market, just simply search Air Attack or visit the following link :

      3.  Live Holdem Poker Pro is an online Poker game that requires a data connection and allows you to play against players from all around the world!! This is truly an amazing game and is very addictive, I am speaking from experience and will have all you poker fanatics playing for non-stop hours!! The are three main different gaming options, you can either choose to play normal Holdem Poker, Shootout tournament mode and also Sit-n-Go tournament Mode to make it as realistic as possible and also you can chat with your opponents also!!

Game features:
* Live Chat
* Personal Avatars
* Shootout tournament mode
* Sit-n-Go tournament Mode
* Ring Games
* Free daily Gold
* Lottery Draw
* 200+ Virtual goods you can send ppl on tables
* Facebook connect for fast registration (optional)
* Save to SD card

Live Holdem Poker Pro Screenshots!!

      This app is available in the android market, just simply search Live Holdem Poker Pro or visit the following link :

      4.  Fruit Slice is simply as it names says is a game that allows you to slice fruits by utilizing your smarphones touchscreen. It may seem to be a boring game when you see it in the android market, especially with it's name "Fruit Slice", but it is truly an amazingly fun and addictive game that works excellent on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000 capacitive touch screen!! There are four game modes to select and play, those  being the Classic mode which simply lets you slice as many fruits as you can to get your high score with three lives, Time mode which gives you a certain time to see how much points you can get by slicing the fruits, Pipeline mode which shows you certain fruits that you must slice immediately before the "pipeline" fulls up and if it fulls up you lose and last but not least One Shot mode where you must slice the given fruits in the box above in that exact order in one slice before time runs out to move onto the next level!!

Can you be Master Shifu of Fruit?
* The best performance, run well on low CPU phones.
* The smallest app size with very high game quality.
* Swipe to play game.

Fruit Slice Screenshots!!

        This app is available in the android market, just simply search Fruit Slice or visit the following link :

        5. Tank Hero Beta is an action packed game, and is truly addictive. In this game you are a lone tanker trying to destroy other tankers that are continuously attacking and shooting at you. The question I have for you guys are, do you have the skill to beat all nine action packed levels?? If you are up to the challenge and feel you can master this game, especially level nine which took me ages to beat then simply download and leave your comments below on this game!! Battle through dangerous arenas and become the Tank Hero!
Fast paced 3D tank action on your Android phone. Take out your enemies with cannons, flak guns, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the Tank Hero!

Game features:
* OpenGL 3D graphics
* Multitouch and trackball control schemes

Tank Hero Beta Screeenshots!!

       This app is available in the android market, just simply search Tank Hero Beta or visit the following link :

        If you feel any game should be included in this list please feel free to leave your comments below!!

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