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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wanna Download Paid Android Apps For Free??

     So my question to you guys today is, do you want to download paid android apps for free, yes free? It's quite a fast and simple process, and once you use logic there won't be any problems in downloading and installing the apps for your android devices.
      So without further adue, first step is to go the following link on your android os devices web browser. Step two, when you are at the link in your android mobile phone or  tablet browser, just simply search for the app that you would like to download in the search box, and you must put  "apk" after you have typed what you want to download. Here is an example of how to do it, just simply type for example "raging thunder" which is a popular racing game and put "apk" as well, so it should be like this in the search box; "raging thunder apk". After searching, you should get a number of results, please be logical and choose the one that is the latest version, as well as the same filesize that it is in the android market.      
        So as a precaution, you can check the version, and filesize of the app in the android market before downloading from
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