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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Accessories For Your Apple iPad!! Some May Be Down-Right Weird!!

                 Many of you may have heard about the Apple tablet pc named the Apple Ipad. If you haven’t, it’s a device which has all the exquisite software features of an iPhone, but in a bigger package. It sports a rectangular body which is complemented by a very prominent and enticing High definition capacitive touch-screen.  However, despite it’s exponential and superior abilities, many creators or more precisely, enthusiasts, have created many accessories to consolidate or fully enhance the device’s utility.  If you wish to gain the scoop on these many accessories, continue scrolling to be in the Zone.
Apple Ipad Pic1!

      Tablet Arcade Suction Cup Joystic- This accessory allows you to play games with enhanced control and precision, giving you the power to annihilate your enemies or simply save a dignitary of your preference. Simply place the two supplied joystick hardware onto the screen of your Apple Ipad in a right- left direction, begin your game, and navigate faster through your games than you ever thought possible. If you’re the type who loves to stand out in the crowd, especially as gaming is considered, this may be the tool you were hoping for to endow your Apple Ipad.
Tablet Arcade Suction Cup Joystic & Ipad Preview!!

         It retails for $ 23.99.00 US, and qualifies for FREE SUPER SAVING SHIPPING. Also, this mechanism can be also be used with varying tablets such as Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus EEE Pas transformer, and selected others.
    iDJ Live DJ Software Controller for iPad- Can also be used with iPhone or iPod Touch series

        For all the music lovers out there, have a look at this extraordinary DJ kit for your Apple Ipad. It gives you the prowess to do all things possible with your musical persona. Connect the device with your music driven iPad, and use your imagination to make sound become as real as you and me. Organize and mix tracks, create new sounds to ‘wow’ your audiences, increase the intensity of your bass levels to scare and madden your neighbours, and the best out of all, create a party and relieve the stress. In addition, if you are a DJ simply at parties or in major Clubs, this accessory will be great to attract your crowd, and gain you the respect you deserve. Transforming your iPad into a profound DJ set, priceless!!

 iDJ Live DJ Software Controller for iPad Pic!!
       It is available for a price of $99.95.00 US combined with FREE SUPER SAVING SHIPPING at Amazon.

      iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet- Usually we would give a description first, but we felt it necessary to implement the very eye-catching picture of the ICADE iPad Arcade Cabinet, it’s very amusing!!

iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet Pic!!

         Now by first glimpsing your eyes on this accessory, you must be contemplating in your head ‘’OMG, Is this for real?” The answer is yes!! This accessory converts your iPad into a gaming machine which brought fun and companionship to you and your friends in the years before, feelings of nostalgia are inevitable indeed. This accessory gives your Apple iPad the ability to play many gaming titles with the accompaniment of a joystick and many robust buttons, giving an all-round enjoyment to your gaming experience. To operate this device simply slide your device into the well-designed and entirely safe slot for your Ipad, enable wireless features, choose the game, and ingeniously, you’ll be playing games in an enhanced and very intriguing way. ICADE has really outperformed their selves with this brilliant device, and there nothing more to say on that note.
If you wish to purchase or procure specifications of this device, click the amazon link

        It retails for $99.99.00 US, and is currently in stock.

        iPad Butler iPad Stand- As the name suggests, this accessory gives the Apple iPad an increased amount of height, without wearing heels we should add. The stand gives the iPad increased noticeability allowing it to portray any video, animations, pictures, or any other graphical interface you can think of, to many viewers in the area. This can be great at exhibitions, meetings, restaurants, educational seminars, or simply for personal use. Also, since paranoia is one quality which is common to most iPad owners, please do not worry. This device is capable of protecting holding your device at the utmost best preventing your device from falling on it’s face.  Overall, if you have an appetite for advertising and style, this may be what you were looking for.

 iPad Butler iPad Stand Pic!!

 iPad Butler iPad Stand Pic!!

       The stand currently retails at an overwhelming price of $379.99 US at Amazon, if interested, please visit the following link.

       iSound Cinema Sound-  Are the speakers on your Apple Ipad weak when it comes to watching movies, listening music or playing games? If the answer is Yes! Take a look at this accessory. iSound Cinema Sound gives you the ability to enjoy your iPad’s media capabilities by incrementing the sound to a noticeable degree on your device, thanks to it’s speakers. In addition, it also portrays itself as a charger increasing your iPad’s power and offers the ability to enjoy your media in landscape view. One advantage which it brings to the table, is it’s compatibility with the iPhone and iPod touch series, and not relinquishing, the iPad 2.

iSound Cinema Sound Pic!!!

         Kensington keyfolio, Bluetooth and keyboard case for Ipad- If you are an Ipad owner, you must have the fear of dropping your device and ruining it’s ineffable beauty. It’s a common phobia to have, and is very understandable. However, now that fear can be neutralized with the introduction of Kensington Keyfolio Bluetooth and Keyboard case for Ipad. This accessory not only protects your device from detrimental dangers, but it also gives you the gift of a very elegant and stable keyboard. With the introduction of the keyboard, users will be able to edit in documents effortlessly, web surf with the ease of implementing texts, and stay in the know with your friends when on social networks communicating quickly and effectively to messages and posts. In addition, the accessory gives your iPad an elegant laptop shaped appearance increasing attractiveness. Overall, if you want protection, productivity, entertainment and style, this is the accessory for you.

Kensington keyfolio, Bluetooth and keyboard case for Ipad Pic!!

           If you wish to purchase this accessory please visit
It currently retails at $99.99 US

Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads- Its not the most intuitive or prominent as compared to other accessories designed for the Apple Ipad, but sometimes, simple can be the way to go. This accessory allows you to successfully remove fingerprints, dust, grime or any forms of vulgarities form your iPad’s screen. Simply place Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads on your touchscreen, wipe gently, and your Ipad has taken a bath.

Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads Pics!!

      This accessory retails at 12.99 US at Amazon. In addition, it can be used with almost any touchscreen device, so you’ll be obtaining a bargain. To purchase and view all the relevant specs, visit

       The preceding accessories for the Apple iPad are indeed enticing and very profound. Each giving you the ability to enhance the performance of your iPad, allowing you to effectively utilize your device to the extreme. Some offer originality, and some gives performance, but that’s a matter of opinion, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

        On a further note, if you happen to stumble upon any interesting accessories for the Apple Ipad, please feel free to share. Recommendations and Opinions are welcome!!  

                                                     Thanking you in advance!!

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