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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Facebook V2.0 For Blackberry Officialy Released By Rim And Is Now Available In Blackberry App World!!

        Great news for all blackberry owners whose handset run on either Blackberry OS5 OR OS6, as Rim has officially released Facebook V2.0 for Blackberry!! For all those who have been using Facebook 2.0 BETA for the last few months, you can now update to Facebook V2.0 for Blackberry which comes with some pretty amazing features, which were long awaited by most, I must say!! One of the long awaited feature will definitely have to be the Facebook Chat option which as it name says allows you to chat with your friends via your handset!!

Facebook V2.0 for Blackberry Screeshots!!

Key Features:
              Facebook Chat - Facebook Chat is fully integrated with your BlackBerry smartphone, so you can start a conversation from within the Facebook app or right from the message list on their device. You never need to worry about missing a chat message again, since you’ll be notified of new chat messages even when you’re not using the Facebook app.
              Brand New User Interface - Facebook for your BlackBerry smartphone now features a sleek new design, which includes a new navigation grid, a notifications bar that borrows from the BlackBerry 6 “Today View” which summarizes all Facebook notifications, Messages, Friend Requests and Chats all in one handy location, and enhanced profile viewing.

              WiFi Support - You can stay connected with friends and enjoy the full functionality of the Facebook app for BlackBerry smartphones while in a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you don't always have to use your blackberry data plan or incur data charges from your Network Carrier.
              Core Integration - Facebook for BlackBerry is integrated with the BlackBerry messaging list, BlackBerry Contacts app, BlackBerry calendar, BlackBerry browser, and is now also integrated with BBM.
              Redefined Notifications - You will also now be notified of polled items; (notifications that aren’t delivered through BlackBerry push technology), such as ‘Likes’ and Event Wall posts.
          Check out the video below for a demo and preview of Facebook for Blackberry V2.0!!

         Major Updates In Facebook For Blackberry V2.0!!
  • Native Facebook Chat integration – Finally there is now the option to use the chat function to chat with friends, you no longer have to use 3rd party Facebook apps to chat!!
  • Core Integration with your BlackBerry smartphone - The Facebook V2.0 for BlackBerry app is now integrated everywhere, like your BlackBerry Messaging list, BlackBerry Contacts, BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Browser, and now it’s even integrated with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). You can now share Facebook posts with BBM contacts, and even invite friends to BBM when you come across a PIN posted on Facebook.
  • New (and Better) Top-Level Grid Menu – For accessing top-level features such as news Feed, Chat, messages, etc.
  • New (and Better) Top-Level Notification Bar – Shows you notifications in four categories; Notifications, Messages, Friend Requests, Chats (If you’re signed in to facebook chat).
  • Better Overall User Interface - The new version ( Facebook V2.0 For Blackberry), has a much more pleasant look overall and has made “Liking” and commenting on items a lot simpler and easier. Now viewing picture posts, are also much better in the way the photos are displayed in the post thread.
  • Enhanced Notifications - You are now Notified of ‘Likes’ and Event Wall posts!! The notification will even tell you who and what was ‘Liked’. By default, polled notifications will be set to a one-hour frequency but you can check as often as you like by selecting Refresh from the Menu!!

           Other New Features Include:

  • Cross-Channel Messaging - Share Facebook Content across BlackBerry Messaging Applications!!
  • Enhanced Integration with BlackBerry Native Apps - Building on enhanced integration with native BlackBerry smartphone apps, which was introduced with the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0 beta refresh, Facebook v2.0 now includes additional messaging options from the ‘More’ button within a Profile and from the Friends list.
  • Touch Toolbar - BlackBerry smartphone users with a touch screen device will now have Compose, Reply and Delete icons located along the bottom of the device screen in the Facebook Inbox for quick and easy access to these popular features.
          You can now download or update to Facebook V2.0 For Blackberry, by going to the Blackberry App World, or by just clicking on the update notification for the Beta version if you are prompted to do so!!

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