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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Facebook Application Now Available For Most Java Enabled Non- Smart Phones!!

        For those who don't have the latest smartphones, or just who love their ordinary phones non-smart phones, then there is good news for you guys!! I say good news, assuming that you are facebook addicts or freaks, sorry to put it so or just enjoy the experiences of the well known social network. The good news is that you can now download a facebook app that was built in cooperation with Snaptu, for your mobile phone assuming that your phone is java enabled!!
        The app is compatible with over 2,500 Java-enabled phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and other popular manufacturers, and gives you access to the most popular features of the social network, such as News Feed, Inbox, and Photos and it also enables you to upload photos and find friends from your phone’s contacts. The app should work on just about any platform that once it meets the criteria of it being java enable and well an internet connection!!
         Facebook said that the app provides a better experience for its most popular features, these includes an easier-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates.

Facebook For Java Enabled Phones Screenshot!!

Facebook On A Java Enabled Phone!!
         And don't worry, facebook has considered the network charges by optimizing their new application to use less data, so your cell phone charges don't go through the roof. But the one thing that may hinder the success of the app is if people are willing to pay for the network charges on their mobile phone, on a regular basis or just prefer to use site, which is free but the only downfall is photos cannot be viewed!! This app can be downloaded from or you can also get it from app stores, including GetJar, Appia, and Mobile Weaver.
           For those who have the app, and currently uses it, please tell us what you think about it!!! Is it any good, how much data does it use on average etc.!!

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