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Some General Tips When Looking To Purchase TABLET PCS & Smartphones!!

  • Select an operating system which will suit you the best. There are many different operating systems that are out there to choose from, when purchasing tablet pcs and smartphones. Think about what purposes you will be using the phone. Is ist for gaming or business. Operating systems like Androids operating system and Apple operating system are constantly updating and therefore thousands and thousands of apps are created for these operating systems daily.

  • Select a brand that you are used to or just like or have a taste for. Choosing the right brand is so hard to do especially since there are so many to choose from. Choose a brand that is well known and that are highly rated or recommend. This may not seem like a big deal but it is. A phone or tab with the exact same features may and could run differently due to it's brand due to many reasons like rights (licenses) and app markets.

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  • Select the right carrier. Selecting the right carrier is very important and is not to be taken likely. If it's possible to get an unlocked phone that can work with any carriers sim card would be ideal. The right carrier is important in that certain phones need certain services to be provided in order to work at it's fullest potential. It may need a certain internet coverage or signal strenght in order to get service on the phone. Also for example for most smartphones that are coming out now requre  faster internet speed hence bmobile are offering 4g speeds offers with it's line of samsung galaxy phones.
  • Think of the features you will need and most likely are going to use. For example if you are going to use the smartphone or tablet pc for storing large sums of files lie photos and your favourite 1000 songs then it will be wise to ensure that you purchase a phone with a large amount of memory. I think you get my drift. Need more help in this category. Feel free to make comments or email me. Features to consider are MEMORY, TYPE OF CAMERA, DATA ( gprs, edge, 3g, wlan, bluetooth etc.) , browser, radio,games,java,gps etc.
  •  Is it for gaming, work or just for having a cool phone or tablet for names sake. Some questions you may need to answer before.  What kind of screen or size of screen do I need. Does it have to be touchscreen. Do I need a QWERTY keyboard. How long should the battery last.

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