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Friday, 1 July 2011

Apple IPod Touch + IPod Touch Peel = Iphone!! Well almost that is!!

     Apple IPod Touch + IPod Touch Peel = Iphone!! Well almost that is!! 
       According to the above formula, if you add an apple iPod touch combined with an apple IPod peel, the product will be an Iphone. Don’t believe us; well try it for yourself to determine the validity.
        Many of you may know about Apple’s well revolutionized Iphone, consisting of a consolidation of a majestic music sensation with the ability of voice and communication talents. This device has dominated the market for many years, and currently, is still at large with the formidable Iphone 4. However, all versions of the Iphone are highly expensive due to their rich and convoluting features, which makes it evidently exclusive to a copious amount consumers. As such, Apple sought to overcome this by developing an effective strategy allowing everyone to gain access to the features of an iPhone by relinquishing it’s phone functions. Thus, a new device was created, the Apple iPod touch. These devices have all the features of its iPhone’s counterparts, excluding calling and texting functions. Apple iPod touches are some of the best-selling devices currently sold in the technological industry, mainly due to their very plausible price tag and their dominating features.
        However, if you currently own one of these devices, you have the opportunity of converting it into an IPhone. (Fo yeah). This is possible thanks to an accessory called the Apple peel, which was created by an individual called Yosion. This clip-on accessory acts as case which the IPhone comfortably fits into. The Apple peel brings features to the iPhone touch such as a sim card slot enabling voice communications combined with text messaging, and integrated GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for browsing the net without relying on WIFI (wireless local area network), extended battery life since the peel comes preloaded with a capable battery (each version has it’s own mAh value), and lastly, overall protection to keep your iPod touch from overall danger such as accidentally dropping your device. In addition, before you are able to use your peel, your iPod touch must be jailbrokened (hacked) to acquire the necessary software to effectively coincide with the peel.
     The following are the specifications of the Apple peel 520 II for the latest iteration of the iPod touch series, the iPod touch 4G.
Network:      GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Required: Jailbroken iPod touch 4th generation, IOS firmware up to 4.3.3 are currently supported
Supported Languages: All (sets automatically based on your iPod’s language)
Integrated microphone for speech
Integrated speaker for hearing recipient on call
Reset button, Battery and Sim card slot
Battery: 1600 mAh
Standby time: Up to 300 hours
Talk time: Up to 6.8 hours
Integrated GPRS for internet
Bluetooth and FM Radio
Integrated vibration motor
         To purchase any version of the Apple peel visit . So trini people and everyone around the world, get ready to buy!!
Below are some pictures of the equation to entice your technological appetites.

Apple iPod Touch 4G !!

Apple Ipod Touch Peel 520 II !!

Apple IPod Touch Peel-520-2nd-Generation!!

         Still have your doubts or simply just don't believe us, then check out the video below.

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