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Thursday, 18 August 2011

How To Create Your Very Own Free iPhone App For Your Website, Courtesy Bloapp!!

          If you are a blog owner and has tried countless upon countless months, weeks, days,hours and minutes even seconds trying to create an iPhone App for your blog, then I've got good news for you guys!! It's a fast and simple way to create the iPhone app for blog, and will not take more than ten minutes if so much guys!! First I will show you my iPhone app for my blog which I created and if you guys got an iphone please download and leave your comments on how it works!!

Scan with your Barcode Reader on your iPhone to download TECHS & GADGETS mobile app for iPhone or click on the link below!!
Download My App

         First visit the following link Bloapp , when on the link, click on Get started now and you will be taken to the sign up page, just enter the necessary information and click register. After you have registered, you will be sent an email with a link to verify your account, after this phase, you are ready to create your own iPhone App for your blog!! After you are logged in, simply click on add blog and you are off, I will continue in the video I have created on youtube below. Please visit my youtube channel @ My Youtube Channel  and subscribe, rate and like, Thank You!!

         If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below and tell me what you guys think of my iPhone App for my blog!!


  1. Ohaiii!!! I love your blog! It's geekishly awesomesauce ^_^ Oh BTW I came across your blog whilst desperately searching ye olde internet for random blogs LOL

    Oh here's the URL for my blog Check it out!!!

    Wow! Nice background. It's SO relaxing; reminds me of The Void :D


  2. Thanks alot!! I appreciate it. Finally somebody notices what theme i was going for kinda geekish n like a techie.lolz. oh good to know I am getting traffic from many places now. it's still tough getting traffic!!
    Ok I will check it out!! Thanks again, I searched a long time until i found the background and it just stood out to me!! Thanks for sharing my blog by d way I appreciate it alot!!

  3. probs!!! The search was definitely worth it! I probably modified mine like a gazillion times and still haven't found the right one LOL

    BTW you're the only other Trinidadian blogger I know of and I wanna know if there are others =D
    So if you know of any, please tell me!! Oki, thanks!

    1. This is an awesome blog I agree! I'm from Trinidad also..check mine out at and my YouTube channel at

  4. Thnaks Again. I like your blog, especially how you ordered your widgets. Tell me when you find the right one k.lolz. kidding.
    I feel so special.lolz. Thanks. Umm I only know this one and thats all


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