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Friday, 5 August 2011

Amazingly Sweet!! A Look Back At The Life And History Of Android (Inforgraphic)!!

         We have all known and grown accustomed to Android and it's confectionery lines of sweets or dessert- themed of operating systems, whichever you prefer!! But do you know the history of Android and how all this started?? We all know for a fact that Android has gotten sweeter and sweeter over the years, and in the short time that Android has been around, it’s evolved at an unprecedented rate to become one of the leading Smartphone and now Tablet PC OS’s out in the market today!!

Android's Line Of Operating Systems Logos!!

         It all started with version Android OS 1.5, which was dubbed (cupcake) and from this early version of confectionery lines of sweets or dessert- themed version, it has reached all the way up to Ice Cream Sandwich which is the latest version currently to date!! Although Android confectionery lines of sweets or dessert- themed versions may stand out as the more lighthearted or "childish" alternative amongst it's main rivals, namely iOs,  Symbian and Blackberry OS, MAKE NO MISTAKES, as Android is rapidly becoming the the operating system of choice around the world!!

         Below is the Infographic or time line of Android's rise to success, which was laid out by [x]cubelabs, after it's somewhat humble beginnings a while back in 2003!! So take a close look at the history of Android and tell us what you think??What updates do you think were most influential?? Will Android continue to roll out the treats, confectionery lines, or desserts and become even sweeter, or will things suddenly turn sour??

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