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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Learn How To Send Free SMS Messages On The Digicel Network!! Up To 30 Free Messages A Month!!

       First of all, this is not a scam, it really works and is provided by Digicel. Have you always wanted to send free text (SMS) messages, or just had no credit in your phone and needed to send an important message. Do you live in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, other Caribbean Countries  where there is the Digicel Network, and you own a digicel mobile handset with a phone number. If you meet these criterion's, then it's as simple as sending a regular text message from your phone but the catch is you must have a computer with Internet access, or a smartphone, tablet pc or any other device that can access the internet to use the service!!
        I won't keep you guys in suspense no longer!! In order to get the 30 FREE DIGICEL TO DIGICEL TEXT (SMS) MESSAGES PER MONTH, all you have to do is go to the following link , click on REGISTER NOW, you can't miss it since it's highlighted in red and full out the form and click on sign up. After you have completed the registration process a message will be sent to your digicel handset with your password. Now you ae ready to use the service, just type in your Digicel phone number and the password you received and enjoy your free Digicel to Digicel text messages!!
        Please share this information to your friend and also this blog, and leave your comments!!

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